Analysis Reveals a Significant Decline in Long-Range Shots in Euro 2024 Handball Championship

Handball Goalkeeper Coach Erdal Kaynak Made the Analysis of EHF Euro 2024 Group Matches

Analyses of handball championships conducted since 2015 indicate a noteworthy reduction in long-range shots. In 2015, the percentage of successful long-range shots was at 32%, and according to the results of the first three matches of the EHF Euro 2024 European Championship, this percentage has decreased to 28% over a span of 36 matches.

The reasons behind this 4% decrease in long-range shot percentage can be attributed to several factors:

  • Enhanced professionalism and activity in defenses,
  • Players being more physically prepared for defensive actions,
  • Improved defensive techniques among players,
  • Increased tactical skills among players,
  • Most importantly, an elevated level of collaboration between goalkeepers and defenders.

Another notable observation from the tournament analyses is the increase in shots from wider angles, particularly in wing shots. The active and aggressive defense, coupled with increased responsibilities for wing defenders, has provided more opportunities for offensive players in the wing to take shots from wider angles.

After 36 matches, goalkeeper achievements based on the number of saves are ranked as follows:

  1. DENMARK - 43% success rate with 53 saves
  2. SWEDEN - 36% success rate with 41 saves
  3. GERMANY - 36% success rate with 40 saves

This ranking underscores the success of the Scandinavian Goalkeeper School and training models. We have examined the goalkeeper performance in Euro 2024's group matches through both numerical analyses and observational assessments.

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Photo: Eurohandball.Com

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