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Cedric Sorhaindo's Assessment of Beşiktaş, Istanbul, and Turkish Handball

Cedric Sorhaindo, the experienced player of Beşiktaş Safi Çimento, gave an exclusive interview to hentbolhaber.net.

The French athlete, who has won an Olympic gold medal, four World Championships, two European Championships, and three Champions League titles, shared his thoughts on his career in Turkey and at Beşiktaş, expressing his gratitude: "I am grateful to Beşiktaş."

Throughout my career, I have achieved many titles

Cedric Sorhaindo summarized his career achievements and experiences: “Throughout my career, I have achieved many titles. In this process, I valued the journeys and experiences of reaching both individual and team goals. The values I have gained are also very important to me.”

Everyone was happy with my decision to join Beşiktaş

Sorhaindo explained that his decision to join Beşiktaş was not merely personal: “Choosing Beşiktaş was not just a personal decision. It was a decision made together with my family. As I embarked on this new adventure, I received encouragement from many people, and everyone who knows me, both professionally and personally, was happy with this decision.”

People here are very kind, I appreciate the culture

Sorhaindo expressed his satisfaction with life in Istanbul: “The adventure in Istanbul is a new and enriching experience for my family and me. We feel very good here, and this shows that our decision was correct. People here are very kind, and I appreciate the culture very much.”

Beşiktaş is a club with big ambitions

Cedric Sorhaindo described his adaptation process and the club’s goals: “As soon as I arrived, I was able to adapt very quickly. For this, I would like to thank the Beşiktaş family for their warm welcome, our handball director Mesut Çebi, and our coach. They are a club that does their best and has big ambitions. This new adventure is full of big goals, and I hope we can complete the season in the best way possible.”

Beşiktaş fans mean a lot to us

Sorhaindo also thanked the Beşiktaş supporters: “I would like to thank the fans for their support. Since I first stepped into the club, I have been grateful for the warm welcome I received. Our fans are amazing people and are like an extra teammate during the matches. They mean a lot to us. I hope we can make them proud by becoming champions.”

I am striving to give my best

Cedric Sorhaindo shared his goals for the next season: “Regarding the next season, I just want to keep playing, enjoy myself, and give my best on the field to repay the trust that has been placed in me. The Turkish league is showing great promise. There are good players and good coaches, so the importance of this league will increase. I think it will draw even more attention with the arrival of new players.”

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